Why ESI Fabrication?

ESI Fabrication, out of New Iberia, Louisiana, specializes in waterjet cutting and electrical discharge machining.  We strive to offer and achieve the quickest turn around possible. Everything is considered Priority these days and on a weekly basis, we achieve next day or even same day completion after a purchase order is received. We stock many common materials and run two shifts to keep the work flowing through our shop.

Water Jet

Water Jet cutting is essentially the same as water erosion found in nature but greatly accelerated and concentrated. It is often used during fabrication or manufacture of parts for machinery and other devices. Water jet cutting is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods. It has found applications in a diverse number of industries from mining to aerospace where it is used for operations such as cutting, shaping, carving, and reaming.

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Electrical Discharge Machining

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a machining method primarily used for hard metals or those that would be impossible to machine with traditional techniques. One critical limitation, however, is that it only works with materials that are electrically conductive. This method is especially well-suited for cutting intricate contours or delicate cavities that would be difficult to produce with a grinder, an end mill or other cutting tools. Metals that can be machined with EDM include hastalloy, hardened tool-steel, titanium, carbide, inconel and kovar.

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